Vendor Information Packet

Exhibitor Information

Standard Booth Size – 10×10 ft.

Make plans now to secure your space in this National Award-Winning Marketplace!

Please do not apply for space if you and your workers are not prepared to wear Victorian costumes!

We require pictures in jpeg format for review when submitting contract. Items exhibited and offered for sale must be consistent with submitted images and in accepted category only. Management reserves the right to remove any exhibit/exhibitor without refund and without recourse upon violation.

Lady with Jars
Dickens Show Floor

Show Calendar

  • Wednesday, Nov. 6
    Move-in Time from 8am to 9pm
  • Sunday, Nov. 10 
    Move-out Time after 6pm

The Show Attendee Makeup

  • 79% of the Attendees are Female
  • 86% are Homeowners
  • 46% are from Out of State
  • 79% Across the Board, Women’s Most Favorite Activity is Shopping

Important Information About the Show

  • The Theme is a Victorian Christmas
  • Booth Drapes are Christmas Red
  • Booth Decor needs to be in keeping with the Holiday Theme
  • No 8-ft Side Walls are Permitted without Prior Written Permission
  • Plastic Skirting is NOT ALLOWED and all Tables should be Covered to the Floor
  • All Vendors are Required to Wear Period Costumes (No jeans!!) NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Booths Must Be Manned at ALL Times
  • No Dismantling or Packing in Any Way is Allowed Before the 6:00pm Closing of the Show on Sunday
  • Pop-up Canopies are Only Allowed in Certain Sections of the Show. Prior Management Approval is Required

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