Collector’s Alley​

Items will be posted 10 days prior to the show, both on the website and on Facebook.

A Unique New Addition to this year’s marketplace is “The Collector’s Alley” featuring a collection of carefully curated finds of inherited collections from friends and family to items that once you could not live without. DICKENS COLLECTOR’S ALLEY, located on the Dickens Christmas Show & Festivals show floor, is looking for unique, high value items to place on consignment November 2024! (At no charge unless sold). All unique collectible items will be advertised on a variety of social media platforms, prior to the show and during the days of the show.

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Were you the lucky one to get your Grandmother’s Flow Blue Plate Collection or your Aunty’s twenty piece Christmas Village? Perhaps a Tiffany lamp or lace tablecloths or some vintage ornaments and on and on … Fabulous items – all of them, Except, you have No Place to keep them or use for them anymore. Have you been challenged to find the right venue to sell your items? Are you tired of only receiving half their value when sold?

This new addition offers you the unique opportunity to find them a new home, while at the same time creating a “stash of cash” for the Upcoming Holiday Season. If you are interested in selling, click on the link above to find out more details. If you are interested in buying, click on the link above to see a growing list of treasures you might decide you want to add to your collections. These items can only be purchased on the show floor of the Dickens Christmas Show & Festivals at The Collector’s Alley! (First Come, First Served).

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